Lynchburg Ohio Fire Department

Lynchburg Area Joint
Fire/Ambulance District

The Lynchburg Area Joint Fire and Ambulance District currently serves approximately 5,100 residents of Dodson, Hamer, Salem, the western half of Union Townships, and the Village of Lynchburg, encompassing approximately 87 square miles. We have three (3) Fire Stations. Station One is located at 8123 State Route 135. This station is our main station which houses the Offices of all of the Officers of the District. Station Two is located at 1944 North Hollowtown Road in the Community of Pricetown in Salem Township. This station is shared with the Salem Township Trustees. Station Three is located at 4844 State Route 138 in the Community of Danville in Hamer Township. This station is shared with the Hamer Township Trustees.

The Department consists of one (1) Full Time Fire Chief, and forty-five volunteer firefighter/EMT's. Of these members, we have two (2) Assistant Fire Chiefs, four (4) Captains, two (2) Lieutenants. Those members that have their EMS certifications consist of the following; twenty-two (22) EMT's, two (2) Advanced EMT's, six (6) Paramedics, and Seven (7) members who are working to complete their EMT training. Those members that have their Firefighter certification consist of the following; five (5) 36 hour Volunteer Certification, eighteen (18) Firefighter I, fourteen (14) Firefighter II, and seven (7) that are currently working to complete Firefighter I. We currently have a total of twenty-seven (27) members that are dual certified in Fire and EMS.